A few weeks ago Nepal Eventwalas, a Nepali event organization, approached me to present at their Strategic Leadership event on December 1st. A mutual business colleague introduced them to my Mapit30k project and they wanted to meet up to discuss my potential involvement.

Nov. 10th, the day after I arrived in Kathmandu, I met up with their team to discuss the event. In Europe, I was used to go to an office for business meetings, but in Nepal things run a bit differently. We met up at a local restaurant and discussed the event over black tea, MoMo (similar to Dim Sum), chicken with rice. The team was young, some of them still in college, but they had a lot of experience organizing big events in Nepal.

For December 1st, they had organized an event for 700 students and professionals to with leadership and personal development expert Amit Shrestha. Everything was set, but they were still missing a female guest speaker. That’s where I came in the mix 🙂

The day off I was excited to be presenting next to Amit Shrestha as he was one of the few trainees of John Maxwell, the #1 leadership expert in the world! The event was scheduled for 10am, but at 9:45am coordinators and workers were still running around trying to put up the backdrop for the stage, connect cables and test the microphones.

I just sat back and relaxed for a while. I mean, what else can I do?
Coordinators told me that the event was starting 10am “Nepali time” which essentially means 1h late. 😀 At 11am it was finally show time. The event started with the National Anthem. I tried to sing along, but obviously I didn’t know the words. :/

I was the first speaker up on stage. Excited and with full of energy I went on stage and shared the idea that we are all already leaders in life.

“We are all already leaders in life. Leadership is often associated with a title, but you don’t need a title in order to lead. Maybe for you, you are a leader for your younger brother or sister, in your group of friends or in school.“

In the second part, I reviewed with them how they can become the leader in their own life. The audience was engaged, attentive and ready for more tips and tricks.

At 4pm, we resumed the event. All in all it was a success. Tired I went back to Thamel, where I stayed, to take a good nap.




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