My Day With The Girls At St. Mary's High School


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet with Sister Jessy, the principal at St Mary’s High School- one of the largest highschools in Kathmandu. Her staff members showed me around the facilities and I realized right away that everything was well organized, clean and structured. They even had a sign in the courtyard saying: “No plastic bottles nor chewing gum”. It reminded me a bit of my home country Switzerland. 🙂




On November 29th, my team and I came back for the presentation. Everything was ready and set up. The girls started coming in 10min before the speech and you could see that the girls were divided up into smaller groups and each group had a team leader. The leader of each group guided them to the specific seats and 500 girls got seated and were ready within

seconds it felt like. It was impressive to see how smooth everything ran here.

I’m honored that I had the opportunity to meet the girls and inspire them in their journey. Thank you St. Mary’s!

The 450 students in the audience were captivated by the talk and it was obvious that she is extremely knowledgable in her field. The talk had a positive influence in the students who now discuss the strategies presented.

Sister Jessy — Principal, St. Mary's High School

Dearest ma’am you’re really very inspiring and beautiful from within. You’re a role model and your life story is very motivating. I like meeting person like you. You’ve also inspired us very much and we’re glad you came to our school. Thank you for motivating us.

Mariya — Student, St Mary's High School

It was wonderful having you today at St. Marys. Wonderful session. Inspired to actually do something remarkable in my life. I desire to get into a US university which seems impossible but I will work hard and make it through everything. Thank you

Sansuku — Student, St. Mary's High School
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