Day 5&6:

We walked from Pangboche to Dingboche which took us about 3h along a narrow path up in the hills. You had to be careful because if you weren’t watching your step you could have fallen down about 200m down into the river. An accident happened here a year ago. But all went fine.

We got to Dingboche at 4410m high and spent here an acclimation day. Beautiful views 😍

Day 7:

Our crew is walking to Loboche today! It started out as a normal day: Woke up at 7:30am, ate our eggs&toast and got our filtered waters ready.

Unfortunately, day 7 was the saddest day on our trip. My loving boyfriend Dom had been struggling with altitude sickness: Heavy headaches, stomach issues and feeling weak. Many people, even highly fit athletes, suffer from altitude sickness especially if you go above 4000m/13’000ft. We thought the rest day would help but we realized on our walk to Loboche that it didn’t.

At our lunch spot we knew we had to make decisions. It wasn’t healthy for him to keep going. Norbu recommended to call a helicopter to get him down to Kathmandu. We all knew that’s what needed to happen. I wanted to go with him but dom said: “Babe, please go finish the trek. I would be  more upset if you had to come down too. I will be fine once I am in the helicopter.”

Norbu and I walk him to the helicopter. In tears I gave him a last hug and he flew away.

Day 8:

After walking 6h from Loboche we finally reached Mount Everest Base Camp!!! ✨

It was freezing cold- about -15degrees and the wind was blowing heavily, but it was all worth it! Amazing views of the Himalayas! Yaay 😍😍😍😍

Day 9&10:

It took us 8 full days to walk up to 5364m. Now we are walking down in 3 days. On day 9 and 10 we walked 7h each. But walking down in Nepal doesn’t mean you just walk down. It goes mostly down but it’s a lot of up and downs.



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