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I have been in Nepal a few weeks now and have learned a lot about the culture and what it takes to become successful. Many Nepali told me that it is extremely hard to build up a successful business in Nepal because of the government restrictions, money struggles and the lack of transparency and accountability in businesses.

All of those struggles are reality. When we want to go after our dreams or big goals, we will have challenges. Some challenges will be different depending on your environment and culture, but there are ways to overcome these obstacles. Today, I wanted to give the ISMT students hope and share a quo

te from Binod Chaudhary, a Nepali Billionaire.

Binod says:

“Don’t feel constrained by what you don’t have- be it money, a business background, etc. If Jack Ma can do it from China, if Jan Koum can do it from Ukraine and if I could build this from Nepal- then anyone can do it. Be creative, take advantage of this wonderful networked world in which you live and go full steam ahead.”

Thank you ISMT for having me and being a part of my journey as well 💕

#Mapit30k at Tinkune, Nepal 🇳🇵


Typically when we have speakers, I always see some students talking or disengaged, but when Anita came it was different. All students were listening, attentive and extremely engaged. She has an incredible way to connect with students.

Rajan Raj Pant (Nepal) IT Coordinator International School of Management and Technology College


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