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Anita Henestrosa just ended her 323-day marathon that took her around the world to give motivational speeches in front of 31,321 students in 30 nations.

MAPIT30K PROJECT  A carry-on backpack and a vision. That’s all Anita needed to start taking her first step towards her goal to impact 30,000 students in 30 nations in 330 days. What began as an exciting adventure through Europe, Asia, and the Americas, turned into the biggest challenge of her life. Her journey was filled with obstacles –scheduling gigs, traveling alone in unsafe areas of the world, and cultural barriers, to name a few. In times of uncertainty, she reminded herself of the motto she shares with students: “One step at a time.” Slowly her audiences started growing, and students began rooting for her. With the support of students, mentors, family, and friends, she was able to inspire 31,000+ students in 30 nations in 323 days.

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Anita’s mission is not over. She wants to further support students worldwide. She is currently writing a book to help students learn and develop 11 key life skills that are needed to achieve personal goals.

UPCOMING BOOK Anita has learned many things about young people on her journey by talking to students and school administrators, by seeing how teenagers live in different cultures and different economic backgrounds- rich and poor. She has found that although teens around the world have different customs, religions, and traditions. It is also true that we all have the same personal needs, feelings, and struggles. Anita has also seen that our society does a great job at teaching them academic knowledge, but falls short when it comes to teaching them essential life skills.

WHAT EXACTLY WILL THE BOOK TEACH STUDENTS Anita wants to help students to develop key life skills that are needed to be able to achieve personal dreams. In the book, she will focus on 11 life skills such as goal-setting, building a growth-mindset and mindfulness. The book will also show how adopting these life skills will help them to become a better leader for themselves and for other people. A list of all 11 life skills that will be covered in the book:


Map Your Journey to Success Do you know what it takes to be successful at school? When Anita was in school, she knew what success

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Own it!

Own the Leader in You! We are all leaders of our own lives. We all have possibilities within us, and we all have opportunities to

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About Me

A DREAMER at heart, Anita grew up in Switzerland and decided at a young age that she wanted to pursue tennis and get a full athletic scholarship at a top US university. But that wasn’t easy. Growing up Anita struggled with being bullied due to her height, poor school grades and had to learn how to stick up for herself. By believing in her own capabilities, she was able to attend Purdue University on a full scholarship, earning both MVP and Player of the Year honors.   Following her graduation, she volunteered as an English teacher in the Rio de Janeiro slums for a time before relocating to her dream city San Francisco. Homeless and struggling for many months, she then landed an entry-level sales job that would sponsor her work visa. At that point, she set a goal for herself: She would become the company’s top account manager within two years. She met that goal within one year, earning a six-figure salary just twelve months after she had only $4.36 left to her name.
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Keynote Speeches

Today, Anita gives motivational speeches to thousands of students worldwide. Anita works hard to bring a fun, inspiring and memorable experience to your school. Each presentation is always customized to meet the interests of your students and your goals.

1. Map It – Map Your Journey to Success

Do you know what it takes to be successful at school? When Anita was in school, she knew what success meant, but she didn’t really know how to get there. With the lessons learned from many mentors and teachers, she has been able to figure out how to successfully map her journey to success. Anita shares 3 tips on how students can become successful in school and in life and inspires them to go after their big goals.

  • Topics:
  • Goal-Setting
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Perseverance/Grit
  • The Importance of Support

2. Own It – Own the Leader in You

We are all leaders of our own lives. We all have possibilities within us, and we all have opportunities to make those possibilities into realities. Anita inspires students to take ownership of their own life, education and relationships, and shares how that will help them to become a better leader for others. Topics:

  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • The Importance of Education
  • Team Work

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Anita has a very simple and genuine way to communicate with young students. Her stories were very engaging and she kept the students very interested throughout the whole presentation. I strongly recommend her talks to motivate young teenagers and help them be aware of how privileged they are.

José Azcue (Portugal) Headmaster PaRK International School

Typically when we have speakers, I always see some students talking or disengaged, but when Anita came it was different. All students were listening, attentive and extremely engaged. She has an incredible way to connect with students.

Rajan Raj Pant (Nepal) IT Coordinator International School of Management and Technology College

Anita was able to use humor and stories to get the students to identify fervently with what she was saying. The fact the students started to connect with her and engage emotionally with what she was saying should mean the impact will be lasting and that they will remember they can follow their dreams and…

Margaret Hawthorn (Oman) Principal Knowledge Gate International School

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